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Indoor Enviromental Solutions and Consultants-  Services

Every Project has its own unique DNA. Let us come and assess how we can help.  

While IESC, provides disinfecting and sterilizing services to pharmaceutical, health care, controlled environmental agriculture, and specialized commercial markets, Our Airo-Clear home provides services for common and everyday applications.

During the years of servicing highly-regulated markets, requests for commercial grade disinfecting of residential and small business settings arose.

Therefore, we formulated affordable options to deliver the commercial-grade disinfection services commonly used by pharmaceutical facilities; making them accessible for the client that desires something more powerful than an over-the-counter disinfecting product.


Eradicating pathogens in the air means fewer pathogens on surfaces, which means fewer pathogens touched by hands, leading to fewer pathogens reaching the eyes, nose, and mouth. Disinfecting the air is the key to protecting our health.

At the forefront of this ideology is our partnership with  TOMI SteraMist and DusMit AiroClear.


Industrial Indoor air purification & air solutions.

Vertical farm Indoor

Indoor air purification, decontamination,sterilization & facility air solutions.

Food Processing

Indoor air purification, decontamination,sterilization & facility air solutions.

School Facility

Indoor air purification, decontamination, sterilization & facility air solutions.

Food Storage Warehouse

Indoor air purification, decontamination, sterilization & solutions.

Facility Cleanning

Protocol Consultations.

Manufacturing & Food Processing

Decontamination & Sterilization.

(Daily / Weekly / Monthly)

Office / Residential

Air purification, air solutions & decontamination.

Office/Medical Facility

Air purification solutions, decontamination & sterilization.

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